T-Pose being an adorable dork at SDCC ‘14


rin’s lying, he totally chose marth because he’s pretty and looks like haru

from this post

"I understand now. I found the answer. Why it is I swim, who I am swimming for, you’re the one who taught me that, Rin!" - Haruka Nanase
"This time, I swim for the sake of friends who saved me, and for the sake of my own dreams, too." - Rin Matsuoka


I just really wanted to draw Erwin not giving a fuck…


(made it transparent just for kicks)

that moment of dismay when you realize you’ve probably drawn this pose a thousand times haha;;

So what if I’m wandless? I’ll punch you right in the bloody nose, OH WAIT. —James Potter’s last words probably (via its-a-punundrum)


i’m sorry

just ignore me